RuuviTag Pro IP67 Temperature Air Humidity and Movement Sensor Tag

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RuuviTag Pro IP67 3-in-1 Rugged and IP67 certified industrial wireless sensor for temperature, humidity and acceleration monitoring.

Industrial Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

RuuviTag Pro is an environmental sensor that fits perfectly with demanding industrial and serious home uses. You can read live measurements and history data directly on your smartphone using Ruuvi’s mobile app for Android and iOS, or pair it with your Bluetooth capable Victron GX device such as the Cerbo GX to monitor and even control relays (Bluetooth USB adapter recommended and requires Venus OS v2.80).

(* Movement is not currently supported by Victron GX Devices)


RuuviTag Pro tolerates wet and rough conditions. The IP67 version tolerates wet conditions only temporarily. It can be used outside as long as the breathing membrane that measures humidity will not stay wet for more than 30 minutes.

The IP67 certified RuuviTag Pro (3-in-1) comes with a breathable membrane that enables air humidity monitoring. It tolerates temporary wet conditions.

Medical Grade Temperature Accuracy

RuuviTag Pro has an extremely accurate temperature sensor on board. The sensor is designed to meet ASTM E1112 and ISO 80601 requirements for electronic patient thermometers. Measurement resolution is  0,01 °C, while absolute accuracy is astounding at ±0,1 °C across the temperature range of –20 to +50 °C, with no calibration. The sensor units are 100% tested on a production setup that is NIST traceable and verified with equipment that is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited standards.

Professional Mounting

RuuviTag Pro has two strong mounting ears that allow reliable installation methods to be used. Wooden ceilings, gyprock walls, concrete foundations, you name it. Attach and measure professionally wherever you need to.

From -40 to +85 °C

RuuviTag Pro’s casing and electronics are designed to operate without interruption in a wide range of temperatures. Maintenance is minimal because the included Ruuvi CR2477T wide temperature battery lasts up to 2 years.


Based on RuuviTag's radio technology trusted by over 5000 business customers.


Supports -40 to +85 °C range.


Absolute temperature measurement accuracy ±0,1 °C. 0,01 °C resolution.


Firmware and hardware are fully open source.


Up to 2 years with a single user-replaceable CR2477T battery (included).


Temperature, air humidity and acceleration.


Laboratory tested and certified for IP67.


Typical absolute accuracy tolerance ±2 % (20...80 % relative humidity, 25 °C).


Durable enclosure with good mounting options.


Ruuvi Connector expansion system for external sensors.


Ruuvi and Victron GX Device


Picture showing the sensor, and the reported data on Touch Display:


Here is how the data looks on the VRM Portal:


Controlling a relay on temperature

The relays on the GX device can now be controlled by temperature.
For example to switch a fan or heating pad. Here are two screenshots showing the configuration:

In the above example, the second relay will switch when the temperature in the engine bay rises above 45 degrees, starting the fan and it will switch the fan off once the temperature drops below 40 degrees C.



Model # RuuviTag Pro IP67
UPC/EAN 764460264647
Brand Ruuvi
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Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.001000000m3
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