125 Marine Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

Sale price$1,400.00

Measuring just 330mm L x 172mm W x 215mm H our Marine 125 Lithium battery will directly replace any 100-120ah AGM battery. Up to 1/3 of the weight and double the useable capacity of comparable capacity rated AGM batteries. This Marine grade deep cycle battery has features that makes it an ideal choice for use in all Boat, Yachts, Houseboats etc. Not recommended for use as a starting battery. Manufactured with the highest quality Prismatic Cells and a premium Battery Management System. This allows a high continuous discharge rate of 150 amps with a 500 amp peak meaning you can easily run a 1800w inverter, fridge and lights. Like all Provolt Batteries, the Marine 125 is Made in Australia (Australia Made License No 16212) and comes with a 5 Year Replacement Warranty.

Enhanced vibration, corrosion and water resistance.

Series connectable to 24volt

125ah useable capacity

LiFePo4 Prismatic cells

150 amp continuous discharge rate

500 amp peak discharge rate

75 amp max charge rate

Cycle life 3500 Cycles Weight 13kg

BMS System with Inbuilt cell balancing

330mm x 172mm x 215mm

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