Ultimate DCS 12V 180Ah Dual Battery System (Lithium) – Y62 (Without Mppt Solar Regulator)

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Nissan Patrol Y62 Dual Battery System

– 2 x DCS 90Ah LFP batteries (optimised for engine bay installs)
– Victron Battery Protect SBP-65A
– Backed by a 3 year under bonnet warranty
– Fully programmable via bluetooth
– Tiny power consumption 1.2mA when engaged
– Without integrated solar regulator
– Kit comes with battery securing brackets designed for the Nissan Patrol Y62

Our latest hybrid 180Ah under bonnet dual battery systems now feature our powerful integrated 80V/20A MPPT solar regulators. You can now see the extra solar supply input via a dedicated shunt via our Bluetooth app.

The 180Ah DBS is supplied with 2 x DCS 90Ah Hybrid Batteries, one battery is configured as a Right Hand Positive and the second battery is configured as a Left Hand Positive that also has the solar MPPT input socket. Part of the system you also get a IP67 aviation to Anderson Plug cable, to plug and play your solar supply.

All DCS dual battery systems (DBS) are supplied with the fully programmed Victron Smart Battery Protect’s which are a load disconnect. This device is what governs the reserve for engine starting. Very efficient only drawing 1.2mA when engaged. We recommend to use the top 80% for deep cycling for accessories and the remaining 20% is reserved for engine cranking. The SBP’s should be installed inside the cabin and you should be protecting as many of your light loads as possible, USB sockets, fridges, lighting, dash cams, UHFs, Cel-Fi’s etc.. Inverters over 300W must be wired directly to the batteries bypassing the SBP’s.

With two of the DCS 90Ah Hybrid batteries connected in parallel you can charge up to a maximum of 80A x 2, so 160A. So ideally keep alternators under 150A. All DCS batteries feature high performance cylindrical cells, and this mechanical design is very efficient so it’s very easy to recharge these batteries, there is no need to install larger alternators, OEM alternators are the best for our batteries and will charge them back up very fast. If your running a vehicle with a lazy smart alternator focus on installing a quality commercial solar panel something at least 360W+ as our powerful 20A MPPT is able to yield in excess of 100Ah per day. Which will easily keep the batteries topped up when running a standard sized fridge.

This system is suitable for just about every make/model of 4WD on the market that can accommodate these sized batteries under the bonnet or of course in the cabin if one so wishes.


        Nominal Voltage 12.8V
        Nominal Capacity (1Hr) 90Ah
        Case Dimensions (L x W x H) 260mm x 169mm x 210mm
        Weight | RHP 10.30KGs (without MPPT)
        Cycling voltage 12.8~ 14.6V
        Charge voltage 13.8 ~ 14.6V
        Float Voltage 13.5 ~ 13.7V
        Max Charge Current 80A
        Recommended Charge Current ≤70A
        Max Discharge Current ≤200A
        BMS (built in) Automatic cell balancing, over discharge/charge
        Cell Chemistry DCS 3.2V 5.0 – 7.2Ah Cylindrical (LifePO4)
        Cycle Performance 2500 Cycles @ 100% DOD
        LCA (Lithium Cranking Amps) 900A
        Ingress Protection IP54
        Case PP (flame retardant)
        Operating temp Range -30 to +110 degrees C
        Terminals Top Mount M8 Stainless steel / Copper
        Parallel Connections Only Yes
        Warranty 3 years
        Certifications UN 38.3, UL 1642, IEC 62133 & 62619, CE

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